Here at Cotton On Creative we pride ourselves on being art events specialists, that means we specialise in hosting a vartiety of different types of art events. We host art fairs, exhibitions, workshop, art talks and more.

We love nothing more than working with people, and want to share our knowledge of events, the arts and starting a business with you.

We offer a variety of services that can help you and your business. read on to find out more.

Organising Your Exhibition

Managing Services / Consultant Services

We pride ourselves on being able to organise and manage successful , engaging and professional exhibitions. We have held a variety of exhibitions with Cotton On MCR, from huge open call exhibitions in a 17,000 sq ft empty unit, to one-night pop up exhibitions, from solo exhibitions to huge group shows.

Each exhibition we learn something new, and make sure we take feedback and lessons on board, to make the next exhibition even better.

Our owner, Domino Panton-Oakley, has been in the events business now for 7 years, and it will be her personally that will manage/consult on your exhibition.

We can manage your whole exhibition planning for you, from finding the right venue, managing the budget, helping with the promotion, managing the installation, and managing the launch.

Or, we can be on hand as a consultant, being there to help and guide you as you wish, as you take the steps to organise an exhibition, we can be on hand to answer any questions and give advise through the stages.

So if you are looking to host an exhibition and don’t know where to begin, then come along and have a free consultation with Domino, and see if we can help. Get in touch via our Contact page.

Meet the team

Guest Speaker / Talks  / Workshops

We love sharing our knowledge and helping others,  networking, guiding people, and helping progress. That is why we are available for any talk, seminar, workshop, critique that is related to the arts or launching a business.

We have a series of talks under our belt, we have presented to the students at Manchester Metropolitain University, talking about being in the creative business. We have hosted online talks, telling people how to set up a business and grow your online presence. We have talked at networking events, about taking the leap from a passion project to a business.

Domino studied fine art herself and so not only has the knowledge of creating a business and organising events, but a knowledge of the arts as well.

She can be available as a guest speaker, to do critiques with students, someone to present on a panel, to talk at your events or to host workshops to your group. If you have something in mind, get in touch! Head to our Contact page.